BBb 6/4 Rotary tuba ‘Kaiser’ with 5 valves - TB790H


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This is the 5-valve version of the TB690H Kaiser tuba. The 5th valve is a flat step and has two tuning slides.

Inspired by classic Bohemian design from the 1930’s, the widely-anticipated TB690 ‘Kaiser’ elegantly marries quintessential Boho-chic with modern enhancements to create a Tuba of truly timeless beauty and equally stunning intonation.

Perfect for German, Czech or Russian repertoire in symphony orchestra, or for playing in large wind orchestra, this sought after large Tuba is already making waves with musicians across the world.


  • 450 mm bell
  • 21mm bore
  • 1140mm high

Special Features

  1. All hand-hammered for best response
  2. Lightweight for its size at 10.5kg
  3. 5-rotary valves with Wyvern engraving on levers
  4. Triple silver-plated

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