Preorder: Superbone (valve/slide trombone) – PB930


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  • Preorder: Superbone (valve/slide trombone) – PB930
  • Preorder: Superbone (valve/slide trombone) – PB930

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Your fully-refundable payment will reserve an instrument for you from the next available shipment, Silver finish expected delivery June 2021 

The superbone is just the instrument to enable playing those super fast passages using the piston valves, while having the slide for glissandos.


  • Pitch: Bb
  • Dual bore: 0.5" (12.7mm) to 0.525" (13.33mm)
  • Bell: 8.46" (215mm)

Special Features

  1. Cupronickel slides
  2. Cupronickel with nickel plated piston valves
  3. Lightweight foambody case
  4. 6 - 3/4 C mouthpiece
For more information about the ‘superbone’ design see Wikipedia entry.

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