CC Helicon - HC44 HP


  • CC Helicon - HC44 HP
  • CC Helicon - HC44 HP

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The incredible new Wessex CC Helicon is now available to purchase!

The CC Helicon is ideal for those that regularly play CC tuba and want a horn for standing, marching or Jazz gigs. The helicon comes with 4-valves and we are looking to add a dependent 5th valve in the 4th valve slide later.

The helicon is all handcrafted from sheet brass, which means it is relatively lightweight and very responsive.


  • Bore 0.71” (18.1mm)
  • Bell diameter 19.75” (500mm)
  • Weight 20.6lbs (9.4kg)

Special Features

  1. Handcrafted from sheet brass for lightness and maximum response
  2. The only CC helicon available 
  3. Removable bell for easy transporting
  4. Supplied in latched hare case with wheels
  5. Stainless steel valves with nylon guides

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