Handcrafted F Tuba ‘Berg’ – TF435H


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The new handcrafted Berg TF435H keeps all the wonderful characteristics of Wessex popular TF435, but is individually made by our best craftsmen and also have more open 5th valve loop, and slightly smaller bell for a clearer tone. Also more comfortable rotor paddles, new ornate engraving, is made of German brass and various other quality improvements

The 'Berg' is a 4/4 F tuba of original Wessex design with distinctive and lyrical tone making it ideal for solo or orchestral use. Unlike most F tubas it has a clear and easy low register. At an unbeatable reasonable price, it is a Wessex Tubas recommended F tuba!


  • Bell: 15" (380mm)
  • Bore: 0.77" to 0.83" (19.5 mm - 21 mm)
  • 5 rotary valve (5th thumb operated)
  • Height: 35½" (905mm)
  • Weight: 18½lb (8.35kg)

Special Features

  1. Gold brass off the bell leadpipe
  2. Lightweight foambody case with robust wheels
  3. Silver-plated Wessex F1 mouthpiece
  4. Robust solid nickel linkage
  5. Wessex Z valve

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