Over-the-Shoulder Eb Saxhorn - OTS


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Inspired by backwards-facing Eb Bass Saxhorns played during the American Civil War, the new Wessex Eb Over the Shoulder Saxhorn comes complete with two leadpipes; enabling this beautiful horn to be played pointing upright, or backwards over the shoulder. 

Recreated with historical accuracy - the original horns being equally convertible - yet elegantly modernised, the new Over the Shoulder Eb Saxhorn can be played at modern 440 Hz or high-pitch 452 Hz; therefore ideally suited to both modern and period ensembles.

A great horn for Civil War reconstruction bands, this versatile instrument can also be used in orchestras as an Ophicleide substitute, or even in brass quintets to give alternative tone to a modern Tuba.

What’s more, the Wessex Eb Over the Shoulder Saxhorn has been accurately created with string linkage, and lever mechanism, just like the period horns.

Please note that to aid transportation the bell is detachable using screw fitting.

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